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Rock Mary Rock Issue #1



          How many of you VIGILANT GEEKS out there used to dream of being a rock star? I for one had that dream since my teenage years. Usually, it takes years of practice to become a guitar legend. However, for a young high school girl named Mary, all it took was a little help from the paranormal variety. Rock Mary Rock by Nicky Soh is an extremely fun and original tale with incredible, top shelf artwork that sucks the reader into the story just like a good animation.

           Issue one starts out with Mary helping her Granny take care of the old theater Granny has been working at for years.When Mary goes down to the basement to check the lights while Granny plays with the fuse box, she finds a beautiful electric guitar. However, when she touches it, she releases a spirit that has been inside the guitar for years! When Mary and the spirit are bound for the first time, it causes Mary to pass out in the basement. When she comes to in her bedroom, the spirit, now identified as Rock, has followed her home! Rock explains that the two are bound together until they find the guitar. Finding the guitar would have been easy enough, except that when Mary and Rock get to the theater, it is burnt down, and the guitar could not be found among the rubble!

Rock Mary Rock Issue #2

            Issue two picks up with some back story on Rock. Then,.Mary and Rock go to Mary's high school to find a guitar in the music room. When Mary and Rock get to the music room, the guitar club is there practicing, and a boy named Wesley is playing a beautiful song that is captivating everyone in the room. When Rock starts dissing Wesley's performance, Mary accidentally repeats what he says, resulting in Wesley and the other kids forcing Mary to try and prove she is better at guitar than Wesley. Mary panics, knowing full well that she doesn't know how to play guitar. That is, until Rock realizes that they are bonded and he can play the notes for her! Due to Rock's amazing guitar skills, playing through Mary's fingers, Mary looks and sounds like a guitar goddess. All of the kids praise her, saying, "it's like she's Spring herself." However, Mary's musical victory is short lived as she get's freaked out by Rock controlling her fingers and drops the guitar, breaking it in two. What will happen between her and Wesley in issue three? Will MAry and Rock finally become unbound, or will Rock make Mary a musical sensation? I for one cannot wait to find out!

Full page artwork from Issue #1

            If you're looking for a fun comic book adventure with hints of paranormal activity and rock and roll, look no further than Rock Mary Rock. This is a publication that is safe to give children of all ages, and is enjoyed by adults as well. It is a story that provides big laughs, captivating artwork by Nicky Soh and a plot that keeps readers on the edge of their seats from issue to issue. If only the ghost of Jimi Hendrix or Jerry Garcia would bond with me. Then I could be a rock and roll legend. For now though, I'll be happy to live vicariously through Mary.

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