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Monday, December 9, 2013

Spider-Man: Superhero turned Super-Turd!

The Superior Spider-Man being a douche to Nova

Dan Slott's Superior Spider-Dick!

      I have read Spider-Man comics ever since I was old enough to read, and I have to say that Dan Slott has given readers a hilarious and inventive breath of fresh air in his new take on the web-slinger in Marvel Comics' "The Superior Spider-Man." In "The Amazing Spider-Man" #700, for those of you who aren't religious Marvel fans, Spider-Man had one last epic showdown with his arch-nemesis, Otto Octavius, (Doctor Octopus). Doc Ock was terminally ill at the time, and in his eternal treachery, he wanted to take Peter Parker down before he checked out of this world. (This was shortly after the story arc Slott did where Doc Ock pulled that great scheme where he almost destroyed the ozone layer and scorched the planet, "Ends of the Earth.") Octavius utilized a "brain-swapping" device stolen from the Trapster to trade bodies with Peter Parker, thus turning Peter Parker into Doctor Octopus, and Octavius into the "Superior Spider-Man." The fight ends with both characters in their opposite bodies falling from Avengers Tower, and even though Octavius (Spider-Man) cushions the fall with webbing, he makes sure to finish Parker, (now Doc Ock), off, but not before he promises Parker that he will lead the same hero's crusade that Parker had in his time as the Amazing Spider-Man.
      Though he has technically kept his promise to Parker, Octavius has sure revamped the way Spider-Man fights crime! I am sure the veteran fanboys are less than pleased over the death of Peter Parker, but how can anyone not be entertained by a superhero that uses unconventional, unethical, and just plain villainous methods to fight crime? With Octavius now running the wall-crawler's operations, he has managed to create thousands of spiderbots, (not unlike his previous octobots) and utilize them for surveillance purposes around NYC, (thus invading everyone's privacy), form his own privatized military force, blow up the Kingpin's Shadowland, (killing the Kingpin in the process), piss off all members of the Avengers countless times, kidnap the original members of the Sinister Six and control their minds so that he can use them as his own personal superhero team, blackmail the mayor of NYC, J. Jonah Jameson into giving him complete control of "Spider-Island," (formerly "The Raft," a metahuman prison), and cheat his way to his doctorate's degree at Empire State University, all the while making snide, condescending remarks to everyone he encounters in the process! Wow, what a jerk!! Surely the Spider-Man I grew up with wouldn't have done any of those things! It seems that as we approach issue #22, no one has found out that Octavius stole Peter Parker's body yet, but Parker's old girlfriend Carly sure has her suspicions. It will sure be interesting to see how the rest of this arc unfolds, and if Octavius is found out.. and by who! I know I'll be waiting in great anticipation! Homage is paid to Dan Slott for his creativity, and for lack of a better term, BALLS  in taking this beloved and infamous member of the Marvel Universe in a completely different direction.  Please feel free to add your comments on "The Superior Spider-Man" below.

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