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Tuesday, August 25, 2015




This week on THE VIGILANT GEEK PODCAST, Andrew and Holden of VIGILANT GEEK MEDIA review and discuss the cream of the crop in regards to local, (Boston, MA), independent graphic novel publications. If you are interested in seeing what is out there in the independent community in regards to quality independent comics worth buying, this is the podcast you need to listen to. Click the link below and enjoy!




          Welcome back to the third installment of THE VIGILANT GEEK review, BOSTON COMIC CON 2015: A VERY "VIGILANT" RECAP: PART THREE. In this final part of the review, I will discuss some of the finest independent publications I and my colleague Holden Orme were able to get our hands on during the con. Check out all of the BCC 2015 indie reviews below:



GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Alexandra Kukalis
PRODUCER: Mia Moravis


STORY & ART BY: Tony Sedani

Volume One of Return to Rander by Tony Sedani now available in trade paperback!

         This fresh, new, epic adventure written and drawn by Tony Sedani has been raved about in past VIGILANT GEEK book reviews. This series even took home the award for "Best Independent Story Arc 2014," in last year's VIGILANT GEEK AWARDS, (see THE VIGILANT GEEK AWARDS 2014). The book had very strong influences from both the wild west and eastern asian, (dare I say samurai?), archetypes. The first scene of the first issue of The Lone Savior kicks off in a classic western saloon with a shady character buying a beer for a man about to meet his doom. I immediately felt like I was in the middle of an opening scene to one of Sergio Leone's classic "spaghetti westerns," except instead of the dastardly Lee Van Cleef sending the beer over to the man in peril, it was the cold, calculated Matador!
          This story arc, which is the complete brainchild of Sedani, really blew me away. It is by far the most original idea I have seen in a long time. Also, Sedani's art and writing styles have a certain ability of taking the reader out of reality and into the realm Sedani created. Will our hero find Rander some day? I am itching all over to find out in the next story arc! Buy the Return to Rander: Volume One: The Lone Savior trade paperback out now at returntorander.com.

THE RED EDGE GHOST: A Return to Rander Tale: 

The Red Edge Ghost: A Return to Rander Tale, By Tony Sedani

             In this riveting R2R short, we get to learn a little more about the character of Sheriff Blane. As Blane revisits a spot he ritually goes to once a year upon personal reflection, a place known as "Red Edge," we see first hand what kind of a man Blane truly is, how he carries himself and what he stands for. It might have been the whiskey, or the ghost of a man Blane once knew may have fired a crucial shot from beyond the grave.. The shot that saved Blane from his mortal doom yet again.. Either way, Blane believes his life was spared for a reason, and vows that, "This will be the last of the whiskey, and I'll leave it for you three, (his deceased family members). I'll see you all next year. I got five points to protect."

Buy your Return to Rander books and get caught up on the epic tale at:




STORY & ART BY: Sean Wang



STORY: Seamus Ryan, (A.K.A Esoteric)
PENCILS AND INKS: Gilberto Aguirre Mata, (El Ultimo Codice)

He's big, he's mean, he's made of metal... HE's CZARFACE!!

         Whether he's hard at work on his serious anti-bullying campaign, hunting down the evil Dr. Yorgo and his lackeys, or selling used clothing on Ebay, Czarface is sure to shock and excite crowds of all ages!! Inspired by the music of Inspectah Deck of The WU-TANG CLAN, with witty stories by ESOTERIC and excellent vintage-style artwork by Gilberto Aguirre Mata and Emilio Aguirre Mata, this light-hearted ode to the classic superhero comic book holds nothing back. Just remember, much like the WU-TANG CLAN, "CZARFACE AIN"T NUTHIN TA F#$% WIT!"

Purchase a copy of CZARFACE, as well as the music that inspired the comic book, at:



ARTWORK: Alex Cormack

          Holding down the crime noir genre in the local indie comics scene is novelist Lloyd L. Corricelli’s “Two Redheads and a Dead Blonde.” Based off of Corricelli’s crime novel with the same title, this edge-of-your-seat crime caper follows retired U.S. Air Force criminal investigator Ronan Marino through the mean streets of Lowell, MA as he attempts to find the killer who murdered his girlfriend in cold blood. As Ronan delves deeper into his investigation, more trouble seems to find him at the most inopportune moments, forcing him to call upon allies on both sides of the law. The plot thickens exponentially at the turn of each page, and readers are left with excruciating suspense at the end of issue #4. Will Ronan crack the case? I for one am dying to find out in the issue #5 finale, set to be released Fall 2015. 


        Issue #3 kicks off with our hero Ronan infiltrating AAA escort service, the last place of employment for his deceased girlfriend Karen. With only a minimal amount of violence projected towards the AAA management, Ronan retrieves Karen's old client list and begins interrogating every person on it, including a Medford police chief of questionable moral value. However, these interrogations lead to big time Boston irish mob boss, Duffy Fitzpatrick, sending some muscle over to Ronan's house to "take care of him." An exciting physical struggle between Ronan and Duffy's gigantic thug leaves Ronan only one option for survival, which is to squeeze the giant thug's eyes right out of their sockets! After Ronan barely escapes with his life, he starts to wonder if his investigation into the death of a woman that was not honest to him from the start is something that is worth losing his life over.

ISSUE #4: 

      Issue #4 is perhaps the most exciting and suspenseful issue of this Ronan Marino caper yet! The issue starts off with Ronan opening a mysterious package left on his doorstep, revealing a very raunchy pornographic video that Karen and her friend Cassie took part in. Though this upsets Ronan for a few moments, he did not fall of the old turnip truck yesterday. It is clear to Ronan that irish mob boss Duffy Fitzpatrick, who owns AAA escort service, among many of the local and state police, is attempting to attack Ronan's heart, instead of his body, (which failed in issue #3 btw), by showing him Karen's pornographic material. However, our hero will not be taunted like this! After confronting Cassie at Max's bar in Lowell, he finds out that Karen had one last high profile client, sleezeball congressman Dan Lavalle. Once Ronan provides Cassie with a safe place to stay up in the woods of Maine, he is back on the hunt for Karen's killer, starting with the good congressman! However, when intel becomes scarce and leads run short, particularly after a late night shoot out in which the Medford Police chief is murdered by masked thugs, Ronan is left with a lot of explaining to do in a room filled with state troopers. When the troopers fail to believe Ronan's crazy story, things start to look bleak for Ronan and the few Lowell Police officers that have joined the cause. That is, until Ronan discovers a crucial piece of evidence that was overlooked from the beginning! I cannot handle the anticipation in waiting for the issue #5 finale to come out in Fall 2015.

To purchase your own copy of Two Redheads and a Dead Blonde, among other Ronan Marino mysteries, go to:






                This thrilling and original take on the classic literary anti-hero is the handy work of writer Matt Dursin, (leaguepodcast.com), artist Mark Vuycankiat and their creative team. In this new version of the tale however, readers won't find Dursin's Robin Hood prancing around Sherwood Forest with his bow and arrow and little green tights. This time the "Prince of Thieves" is dawning a sleek overcoat and carrying enough firepower to make a strong run at Fort Knox!



ARTWORK: Griffin Ess

              What we DO know is that illness and disease are bad. What we DON'T know is how bad things could get without them! Imagine a world where human beings were essentially "Healed" of all life-threatening diseases and illnesses. The only way humans would be able to die in this scenario would be from unnatural or man-made causes. This curse, (which may seem like a blessing to some.... at least at first), on the human race quickly becomes a grim, horrifying picture created by writer George O'Connor and artist Griffin Ess of Homeless Comics. This absolutely brilliant story gives indie readers some freaky insight on the repercussions that could occur throughout the world if the human race were truly "Healed." O'Connor gives us all a glimpse of what could happen to such societal groups and entities in this given scenario such as the clergy, the terminally ill, the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, senior citizens and a whole lot more! Healed is by far the smartest indie read of Boston Comic Con 2015, and comes very highly recommended. This is a must-read for anyone looking to understand how amazing independent publications can be! Overall, Homeless Comics had some top notch publications on display this year. I can't wait to see what else these graphic novel gurus come up with in years to come.


ARTWORK: Griffin Ess

       This tale of a colossal misunderstanding between man and sea monster, created and written by George O’Connor and illustrated by Griffin Ess of Homeless Comics, brought big laughs and epic fun to the indie comics scene this year. This four-issue series, perfectly lettered and beautifully colored, follows the strife one baby sea monster goes through while simply attempting to find his mommy! Things all come to a head on the shores of Atlantic City, NJ as Baby, a retiring police detective on his last day of work and an impulsive, narcissistic crypto-zoologist all attempt to do what they feel is necessary when Baby causes commotion and destruction while taking his first steps along the Vanness Boardwalk! The quality and detail of the artwork alone make this publication a must read this year; and with a story this fun and creative, I’m going to insist that you go pick it up and give it a read! I guarantee “Baby” will not disappoint!


Issue #3 of BABY came hot off the press just in time for this past Boston Comic Con, and let me tell you first hand, this story that has been so exciting and entertaining thus far has sure not let up at all. Issue three displays the happenings in Atlantic City after Baby is in captivity at the hands of Dr. Trent Headley, the tale's narcissistic, ignorant cryptozoologist. It seems that Dr. Headley is much more concerned with his fifteen minutes of fame at a press conference in the wake of Baby's captivity, rather than the welfare of Baby. The press conference ends up being a disaster for Dr. Headley as reporters proceed to ask him simple questions regarding the new species now confined to an aquarium tank. Dr. Headley was not even able to answer the question of, "what are you feeding the monster?" This is mainly due to the fact that Headley has not fed Baby anything, nor has he even done the tiniest bit of research since he captured the sea-beast. Dr. Headley's concerns about how he looks on camera fall to the wayside as the reporters begin to notice just how sad and miserable Baby appears to be in the tank. Meanwhile, Frank the police detective has made his way out of the evidence locker he locked himself in and has tried to show a shred of bravery during his last day before retirement from the force. However, Frank's efforts might have been too little, too late. I am excited and anxious to see how this story concludes and what happens to Baby in the issue #4 finale of this incredibly fun publication.

Purchase your own copies of HEALED and BABY, among other Homeless Comics publications at:








STORY: Chris Hebert and Alan Hebert Jr.
FONTS: Blambot

         Who in their right mind doesn't love superhero team-ups? Chris Hebert and Alan Hebert Jr. have delivered exactly that. However, this is no ordinary team-up. Most superhero teams, such as the X-Men or the Justice League, meet, train, learn how to work together and then go off and fight their adversaries as a well-organized strike team with grace and fortitude. These four misfit heroes on the other hand, had no knowledge of each other until they were all captured by a mysterious foe and his cybernetic resources. As we join Surge, Pitchshift, Imogen and Speedfire while they are in captivity, the reader gets a small glimpse of how each hero found him or herself in this predicament, and in turn, the reader gets to know a little about each character and their meta-human abilities. For instance, Surge has the ability to absorb immense quantities of energy, Pitchshift can manipulate and focus sound waves, Imogen has the ability tocommand powerfully-concentrated beams of light and Speedfire can travel at unmatched speeds as well as generate and manipulate fire.


           This publication completely surpassed my rather low initial expectations. When I picked up volume one, (which collects issues #1-4 and contains Lazerman's first story arc, "This Man, This Lazer"), I thought to myself, wow, this is the nerdiest looking superhero I have ever laid eyes upon... and "Lazerman" is such a lame character name. "Are these guys for real?" I said to a buddy of mine. Well, I was soon to find out that Chris Hebert and Alan Hebert Jr. of HB Comics were most definitely for real; and what they created in Lazerman, (as well as the other HB Comics publications), was pure graphic novel gold! This brilliant tribute to the classic comic book superhero was an absolute blast to read, and now I'm completely hooked on the "HB Universe"! 
               This story follows the trials and tribulations of Alex Sanders, a young college freshman and comic book geek in New York City who obtains power of an outrageous magnitude after attending a laser demonstration at a New York City science museum and is struck by the laser due to a mishap backstage involving a treacherous foe. After that fateful event, Alex realized that he can actually project laser beams from his fists, materialize force fields and of coarse fly! Dubbing himself appropriately as "Lazerman," Alex then threw on the finest yellow spandex that his best friend Walter was able to supply him with and flew out his dorm room window to go find evil-doers to thwart! Alex may have had a rough start to his new superhero career, but after finding himself face-to-face with a dangerous villain ironically calling himself "Razorman," he picks the hero gig up pretty fast. In the end, Razorman is no match for Lazerman, and Alex finally gets to live out his one big dream: saving all of NYC as a real life superhero, just like the heroes he's idolized in comics all of his life!
                This publication was more than just a great story and a great tribute to the classic superhero. The softcover itself is of the utmost quality, with incredible penciling and inking. Also, the book is published in full color, and the coloring is simply phenomenal! Lazerman was the best surprise I have had the privilege to receive all year, and it's witty quips and puns throughout the story imprinted a permanent smile on my face throughout the entire read. Be on the lookout for this and more from the Lazerman title. The Hebert brothers and their staff at HB Comics aren't showing any signs of slowing down, and as far as I am concerned, their label is the next big thing in indie comics.







Friday, August 14, 2015




This week Andrew and Holden, along with special guest New England stand-up comedian Nathan Burke, discuss everything and anything in the world of video gaming. Click the link below for parts one and two of the podcast and enjoy! ( and feel free to send any feedback to thevigilantgeek@gmail.com ;) ) :

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Boston Comic Con 2015: A Very "Vigilant" Recap: "Part Deux"

Boston Comic Con 2015
A Very "Vigilant" Recap: PART DEUX

The guest of honor this year was none other than the father of Marvel, Stan "THE MAN" Lee!!

A view of the pavilion from atop Boston's Seaport World Trade Center where the con took place. I love the South Boston waterfront!

            Welcome back to The Vigilant Geek for part two of Boston Comic Con 2015 coverage!! In part one of the BCC 2015 review, we left off discussing the amazing cosplays and mainstream writer/artist meet and greets. It was truly a special experience this year to have been able to meet so many industry greats! Now, in part two, I'll be able to give you more background information in regards to the celebrity guests, information from the panels and a special account of my time meeting the greatest comic book creator of all time, Stan Lee!!

            There was perhaps the widest array of celebrity guests I have seen present at BCC this year. Both Marvel and DC were represented by different television and film stars, as well as many other sci-fi and horror-related celebrities, including, but not limited to, Hayley Atwell, (Agent Carter), Brett Dalton, (Agents of SHIELD), Thomas Jane, (The Punisher), Robin Lord Taylor, (Gotham), Elvira, Scott Ian, (Anthrax), Billie Piper, (Dr. Who), Manu Bennett, (Arrow, Spartacus, The Hobbit), Kat Graham, (The Vampire Diaries), and of coarse STAN!

Hayley Atwell of tv series "Agent Carter"

Thomas Jane: The only TRUE PUNISHER!

Robin Lord Taylor, "The Penguin" of "Gotham."

Manu Bennett, another tv show bad guy, as he played "Deathstroke" in Arrow

Infamous face of the Horror genre, Elvira!!

Billie Piper, who played Rose Tyler in "Dr. Who."

Scott Ian, Anthrax, also writer of "Lobo: Highway to Hell."


          Of all the panels that were conducted during the course of BCC 2015, three really stuck out as "PERTINENT" to the avid graphic novel guru. These three panels were the "100 Bullets Reunion" panel, the "Scott Snyder Q and A" panel, and the "Stan Lee VIP Experience" panel. I was very active with questions at all panels, and I cannot wait to share the top secret info I acquired with all of you below!!

The 100 Bullets Reunion Panel: 

(Left to Right), Brian Azzarello, Eduardo Risso and Dave Johnson of 100 Bullets

               If you're a fan of the graphic novel medium to any degree, chances are you have at least heard of the Vertigo masterpiece, 100 Bullets. Brian Azzarello can be quoted during the panel, stating that, "100 Bullets changed Vertigo Comics forever." He could not be more accurate in this statement, as DC's Vertigo line was comprised mainly of fairy tales about elves and wizards, along with Neil Gaiman's contributions, prior to 100 Bullets. What 100 Bullets brought to Vertigo was an amazing crime noir caper that was able to broaden the horizon of the genres of stories Vertigo was putting out. Both Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso were present at the panel, along with industry titan Dave Johnson, who was the cover artist for the book's run. I was able to ask Brian Azzarello a question regarding his literary masterpiece. My question to Brian was, "when creating all of the different minutemen characters in 100 Bullets, did any people you know in real life influence you regarding the invention of their personalities, personal appearance, etc..?" I have seen Brian at a couple other cons before, and I know he is not a man of lengthy speeches, but he was articulate and courteous in his response, stating, "Yes, most of the minutemen were in fact influenced by people I have known in the past." It appears Mr. Azzarello has known some very interesting people! This panel was such a treat, as all core members of the 100 Bullets creative team met one last time to share their thoughts on their literary masterpiece with us. As a gigantic fan of the 100 Bullets series, it was a really special thing to be a part of.

The Scott Snyder Q and A Panel:

Vigilant Geek Media co-manager and correspondent Holden Orme posing with Scott Snyder

            We geeks here at Vigilant Geek Media usually have the opportunity and sheer pleasure of covering a Scott Snyder, (Batman, The Wake, American Vampire, Wytches), panel every year at Boston Comic Con, (see Boston Comic Con 2014: A Vigilant Recap: Part Deux for last year's Snyder article), mainly because Mr. Snyder seems to enjoy coming back to Boston to say hi every year! (We are so lucky.) This year however, Scott's panel seemed to be a lot more intimate. Scott discussed his past and how he got into writing in the graphic novel medium, something he had never opened up about in prior years. He told stories of going to school at Columbia University, working for a publisher and trying relentlessly to finish his first publication. However, the story he told which entertained me the most was in regards to his love for working at Walt Disney World. Apparently, after the job at the publisher became too stressful, Scott absconded to the happiest place on Earth and worked his way up the ranks. From janitor, to character acting as Pluto, then as Buzz Lightyear, Scott was being sucked into the "Disney magic," and drinking up all the Koolaid along the way.. He was even offered a job as "Prince Charming" at Tokyo Disney, since he was of height to be a prince in Japan! Scott was ecstatic about his new opportunity, but his friends and family were becoming concerned... It seemed that Scott was wasting his potential, and a dear friend was sent to Orlando, Florida to conduct a "Disney Intervention," and get Scott back to practicing his craft. Thank god for this unsung hero, or we might never have had such graphic novel gold as Severed, Wytches, The Wake and of coarse, Scott's amazing take on Batman.

            I was able to ask Scott one question, "There has been a lot of speculation regarding whether you and artist Greg Capullo will move on from Batman after the current story arc, or if you plan on staying on the book longer than that, what are your thoughts regarding this?" Though Scott could not give me a definite answer to the question, what he did say was very promising. Snyder stated that though he was not sure exactly when him and Capullo would be giving up the keys to Gotham City, (and apparently Capullo's thoughts on that are held in high regard by Snyder, though Capullo was not there to make statements), but he does currently have a lot of story arcs in his head and on paper that he is wishing to apply to the Batman book in the near future. He stated that in order for everything that is going on right now with Bruce and Jim Gordon to come full circle, he will need to get these story arcs written up and to the press. Though this does not tell us exactly when the two plan on leaving the book, what this does tell me is that Snyder himself does not want to go anywhere... and I am sure all the Bat-fans out there feel the same!

The STAN LEE VIP Experience Panel:

Vigilant Geek Media co-manager and correspondent Andrew Puzak (me) posing with the great STAN LEE!!

So then I met Stan Lee...... it was cool, I guess...

              Cool??  It was absolutely surreal!!!! The first thing Stan's staff had me and two hundred VIPs do was line up for picture time with Stan. As you can probably see in the photo above, I am ecstatic and also quite nervous. I was standing right next to my idol, but at this point in time I was not allowed to ask him anything... that was for later on at the panel. Also, it is important to remember that Stan is no spring chicken, so there was no touching permitted. I felt like I was being photographed with one of those wax models from Madame Troussards. Stan just sat on his stool, stoic, noble and majestic.. Therefore, I wasn't sure how to pose and what to do with my hands, and before I knew it the picture was snapped.. Not too bad considering all that though!

            After pictures were finished, the panel began, and Stan livened up quite a bit from then on. In fact, I am pretty confident that Stan could hold his own special on Comedy Central if he chose to do so; the man had jokes for days! One of the funniest things Stan said was in response to a question asking him if his time in World War II influenced him in creating The Howling Commandos. Stan replied, "Well, I didn't do a whole lot of howling during the war. I mainly rewrote training manuals so that the troops knew what they were doing..... (long pause)..... and I think that's probably why we won World War II." 

             I was actually able to ask Stan a question, which was,"Is there a character in the Marvel Universe that might have been influenced by yourself?" Stan replied, "Why yes, the character of J. Jonah Jameson, (editor of the Daily Bugle and Peter Parker's boss to the layman), was modeled exactly after me. If I were a newspaper editor, I'd be just as hard as J. Jonah Jameson... maybe HARDER!" Well, Stan may view himself as a hard ass in the Marvel bullpen, (back in the day maybe he was), but you cannot take anything away from him in regards to how he treats his fans. He was at the panel until well after 11:00 pm, and even with him being on L.A. time, that's still awful late for a man of his age. With all the money and fame Marvel Comics has accrued over the years, he certainly does not NEED to be doing all this traveling, especially with him just getting out of the hospital a week prior. He clearly travels to cons and spends time with his fans because each "true-believer," is important to him. He even took the time after the panel to sign every VIP's comic book, including my own 1967 1st edition Lee/Kirby Thor #135, (shown below), which I will cherish for the rest of my days. All in all, what an incredible, mighty, amazing, fantastic, astonishing, uncanny and absolutely special experience. I feel so lucky! EXCELSIOR!!!!

My precious Lee/Kirby THOR #135 from 1967, signed by STAN LEE!!

*** Coverage of BOSTON COMIC CON 2015 is still not over!! JOIN US NEXT WEEK as we dive into some reviews of the BEST INDIE PUBLICATIONS of this year's con in "BOSTON COMIC CON 2015: A Very "Vigilant" Recap: Part Three

Wednesday, August 5, 2015




Andrew Puzak and Holden Orme of VIGILANT GEEK MEDIA

     This week Andrew and Holden do an in-depth recap of Boston Comic Con 2015, including, but not limited to, tips for going to future cons, info on the panels, mainstream writer/artist meet and greets and Andrew's surreal experience meeting the man, the myth, the legend....the one and only, STAN THE MAN LEE!! NUFF SAID! (Click link below to listen to the podcast)

Andrew with Stan Lee

Holden with Scott Snyder


Boston Comic Con 2015: A Vigilant Recap

Boston Comic Con 2015:
A Vigilant Recap


             Hello again my faithful band of geeks, nerds, fanboys and girls and graphic novel gurus! I am excited to welcome you all back for another edition of THE VIGILANT GEEK. This week, I will take you on an invigorating journey which will recap anything and everything that was BOSTON COMIC CON 2015!!

Andrew posing in front of a stain glass mosaic of Batman's first appearance, Detective Comics #27

As my band of evil comic book geniuses and I entered the pearly white gates of Boston's Seaport World Trade Center, it was almost impossible to keep my bladder at bay, let alone contain my excitement! Well, exploding bladders aside, upon entering the con, we were overwhelmed by a wide array of amazing cosplayers, art exhibits, comic book creators and numerous other festivities. The annual cosplay contest was the best yet this year, and as always, was hosted by the stunning Ivy Doom Kitty.

Professional Cosplayer "Ivy Doom Kitty," BCC's host of the annual cosplay contest

Ivy Doom Kitty as "Power Girl"

Classic Ivy as Doctor Doom

Classic Ivy as Ms. Marvel (and what "marvelous" features she has!)

Classic Ivy as Wonder Woman (and no I don't have a thing for her.. I'm just a journalist doing my job! ;) )

It has been said that Ms. Doom Kitty moonlights as a belly dancer! Oooh la la!

*** Moving right along, here are some of the best cosplays I came across this year at the con:

I just freaking adore Harley Quinn... and there were so many Harleys at the con this year, my head was on a swivel!

This female Thor was so impressive, I'd bet my wallet she could give Ronda Rousey a run for her money!

Mr. T and his band of Robins!!

There was a whole big batch of Deadpools this year as well!

Lookey here!! Another Harley!! I should have kept a tally of Harleys and Deadpools...

A lovely Domino!


** As my team of evil comic book geniuses and I bobbed, weaved and slalomed our way around the cosplay-related obstructions, we were off to the races as we embarked on a scavenger hunt for mainstream writer/artist meet/greets and signatures!! Some of the mainstream creators we had the pleasure of meeting with included: Babs Tarr, (Batgirl), Gerry Duggan, (Deadpool), Amanda Conner, (Harley Quinn, Power Girl), Jimmy Palmiotti, (Harley Quinn), Humberto Ramos, (The Amazing Spider-Man), Sean Murphy, (Punk Rock Jesus, Chrononauts, The Wake), Brian Azzarello, (100 Bullets, Wonder Woman), Eduardo Risso, (100 Bullets), Tim Sale, (Batman: The Long Halloween, Batman: Dark Victory), Scott Snyder, (Batman, American Vampire, Wytches, The Wake), Joe Quinones, (Howard the Duck), Tony Moore, (The Walking Dead), and of course, STAN "THE MAN" LEE!!! Check these pics out below:

Andrew's portrait with Stan Lee!!!

Holden receiving an amazing Batman commission from Sean Murphy

Holden taking a selfie with America's comic book sweetheart, Babs Tarr

Holden yucking it up with Scott Snyder

** Coverage of Boston Comic Con 2015 is far from over! Join us in a few days for "Boston Comic Con: A Vigilant Recap (Part Deux), where we will discuss panels, publications and much, much more!!