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Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Top Ten Sexiest Comic Book Crushes and Romances

A Very Vigilant Valentine's Day: 
The Top Ten Sexiest Comic Book Crushes and Romances

                Love is in the air my fellow comic book geeks!! Personally, I love Valentine's Day, but most of us nerds don't usually get the opportunity to celebrate this day of passion to the fullest extent. (ie. It isn't easy to find a date when your nose is always stuck in a graphic novel.) However, here at THE VIGILANT GEEK, we can all rejoice as both true love for our sexual preferences, and true love for comic books converge to help us all smile wide and love life!!!! (Well, at the very least, I hope this cheers up some of you lonely, single geeks.) Brace yourselves, (and try not to get too excited please), as we celebrate this holiday by exploring my own "Top 10 Sexiest Comic Book Crushes," as well as the "Top 10 Comic Book Romances." Enjoy, and have a happy Valentine's Day!!

The Top 10 Comic Book Relationships 


10.) Daredevil and Elektra

One is a master assassin. The other is a blind lawyer turned outlaw vigilante. Though their romance usually leads to a nasty street fight, when they are getting along, these two are red hot!

 9.) Green Arrow and Black Canary 


The Arrow trained the Canary. The Canary has led the Arrow to victory on the mean streets of Starling City countless times. These two are the perfect match, in battle, and in the bedroom!

 8.) Wolverine and Storm 


As one of the only women in Wolverine's long list of lovers that hasn't tried to kill him post-break-up, Storm helps keep Logan from losing control of his animalistic side and going beserker on the world. In return, he vows to protect her in battle until the bitter end. How much more romantic can a comic book couple be?

 7.) Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy 

Spider-Man may not have been able to save Gwen's life at the hands of the Green Goblin, but he'll spend the rest of his days working to avenge her. As an intellectual equal to Peter Parker, Gwen always kept Peter on his toes and even did as much as humanly possible to assist him in some of his "Spider duties."

6.) Batman and Catwoman 


If it wasn't for the Bat's extreme moral compass, these two would be a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, due to Selina Kyle's constant extracurricular activities in high-end theft, Bruce Wayne will never take her seriously as a love interest. However, despite all of this, when these two meet on the rooftops of Gotham, it is always sure to be a steamy, seductive encounter.

 5.) Cyclops and Jean Grey 


As one of the flagship couples of the Marvel Universe, Scott Summers and Jean Grey have sure seen their share of victories and hardships especially  the hardships. In fact, most of their years together have been riddled with one crisis after another, leading to the Phoenix's possession of Jean and eventually her death. Once Jean died, Cyclops turned into one of the most badass heels in the MU, taking more of a radical approach to mutant rights and forming his own "Brotherhood of Mutants" with those of his peers that sympathized with his cause.

4.) Aquaman and Mera 


She vowed to fight for him before he became the king of Atlantis. Now that Arthur Curry reigns over everything below sea level, Mera stands by his side as his strong, gorgeous warrior queen. Together, they've fought many battles both under the sea and on land, alongside the Justice League. 

3.) Superman and Lois Lane 

The love of Lois and Clark was so strong that they actually made a sitcom in the 90's based strictly on their relationship. (Lois and Clark: The Adventures of Superman), or something like that. Either way, the show was a complete turd. Still, if Superman and Lois Lane's relationship never gained the kind of popularity that it did, we would never have, Lois and Clark: The Adventures of Superman, so how about that? 

2.) Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson 

"Face it tiger, you hit the jackpot!" Mary Jane Watson tells him that frequently. I don't really understand why though. I mean, what's so great about MJ? She just stands around looking pretty. I mean, I guess she's good at getting herself captured, but that's about it. Either way, they're a really popular comic book couple, especially since the first Spider-Man movies with Tobey McGuire, so I felt like they deserved the number two spot. 

1.) Superman and Wonder Woman

Talk about a power couple! As two of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe, Kal-El and Diana Prince hold down this title like no other couple in or out of the comic book world. Together, their power could bring the end to a whole planet, but thankfully, they're the good guys.

My Top 10 Sexiest Comic Book Crushes 

10.) Spiderwoman 

Jessica Drew was the original Spiderwoman.  Marvel gave her the boot in the late 1980's, but guess what? She's back, and she's never looked better in the red spandex, despite how controversial this cover became when it hit the shelves a few months ago. 

9.) Harley Quinn 

Girls just wanna have fun, and that's exactly what Harley Quinn strives for in life. As the Joker's "Clown Princess of Crime," this sexy, giggly bombshell is perhaps one of the most crucial assets to Joker's criminal operations in Gotham. Once Mister J's psychiatrist in Arkham Asylum, Dr. Harleen Quinzel fell in love with her maniacal, murderous patient, and has suffered her own unique psychosis because of it. Though she may be almost as criminally insane as her bloodthirsty beau, one still cannot deny how damn sexy she is.

8.) Black Cat 

Master jewel thief Felicia Hardy is more or less Marvel's answer to DC's Catwoman. However, that doesn't mean she loses any points in the hottie department. As a long time love interest to Spider-Man, Felicia may be a criminal, but she often aids him in his adventures by both providing intel and fighting right alongside the wallcrawler. Oh, and she always looks dead sexy doing it!

7.) Batgirl 

Smart is always sexy. Barbara Gordon, Commissioner Gordon's daughter, is far more than just a sexy redhead in a skin-tight batsuit. As one of the smartest characters in the DC Universe, Barbara has utilized her photographic memory and her amazing plethora of knowledge in numerous subjects to be an asset on and off the streets, both as Batgirl, and in the Batcave as Oracle, when she was wheelchair-bound due to a nasty run-in with the Joker. (Batman: The Killing Joke)

6.) Jean Grey (Marvel Girl) 

Cyclops, Wolverine and even Beast in his early years have obsessed over this woman like crazy. This makes her a tall, gorgeous redhead, one of the most powerful mutant telepaths in existence and the object of every X-Man's affection. Everyone loves Jean.

5.) Wonder Woman 

Power and dominance are incredibly sexy qualities to have as well. What female in the DC Universe could possibly be more powerful and dominant than amazon warrior princess Diana Prince of Themyscara? She's strong, she's assertive and she doesn't take any malarkey from the boys. (Don't believe me, just check out the Justice League animated feature, The Flashpoint Paradox.) 

4.) Rogue 

Rogue is the only mutant that can get away with having skunk hair and still be incredibly sexy. What's makes her even sexier is her mutant power of sucking the life force out of any living thing she touches. You might strongly disagree with me on this one, but the way I see it, people always want what they cannot have; and since no one can have Rogue, (at least no one can touch her), everyone wants her.. bad.

 3.) Poison Ivy 

Dr. Pamela Isley is the living embodiment of seduction. In fact, her whole claim to fame is that no man can resist her. Well, since the men can't resist her, she is able to manipulate them into doing her bidding and then give them the kiss of death when they've outlived their usefulness. This also makes her a pretty serious femme fatale, which is always sexy. If that's not enough, the woman is completely  nuts and walks around butt naked in public, which actually rules. Due to these factors, Poison Ivy is and always will be a very sexy fan favorite.

2.) Black Widow 

Red Hair + Black Jumpsuit + Cute Little Wristie Guns + Scarlet Johanssen = Hotter than Hell!

Let's be logical for a moment. Black Widow may be a drop dead gorgeous master spy and assassin, but standing next to Iron Man, Thor and The Hulk she doesn't bring a lot to the table. That's ok though, because what she does bring to the table..........     IS BOOBS. For this crucial reason alone, Black Widow holds down the number two spot. Nuff said!

1.) Catwoman 

This sex kitten has been making nerds weak at the knees for decades. Just look at her in the picture above, barefoot and fancy free atop a skyscraper pouring diamonds all over her cleavage without a care in the world. Yes, Gotham may be Batman's city, but it's definitely also Catwoman's playground. What makes Selina Kyle so sexy, besides her looks and her seductive nature, is her attitude. We often forget that even though Selina teams up with Batman quite a bit, she's is first and foremost a criminal. This dark side of her makes her mysterious, and even more sexy because of it. It is something  I would equate to the classic stereotype of the girl next door falling for the token bad boy. This edginess Selina brings to the table stimulates readers and often raises the question, "Will Catwoman kiss me or steal my watch and saunter away to another Gotham rooftop?" 

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